Miner and Associates, Knoxville TN

About Miner and Associates, Inc.

Miner and Associates, Inc. has been a premiere provider of professional grant services since 1992. Our track record includes

  • writing or coaching over one-half billion in grants
  • training over 10,000 grantseekers
  • serving 200 clients nationally and abroad
  • publishing books, newsletters, and blogs
  • 100 years of cumulative experience
Miner and Associates, Inc.

Jeremy Miner

Position: President, Miner and Associates, Inc. & Director of Grants & Contracts, UW-Eau Claire

Location: Eau Claire, WI Office

Expertise: Scientific & technical writing

Quote: ”Grant applications are a specialized form of persuasive writing; I apply the principles of persuasion to convince reviewers they should fund your proposals.”

Contact: 414-379-8555, JMiner@MinerAndAssociates.com


Miner and Associates, Inc.

Lynn Miner

Position: Founder & Principal, Miner and Associates, Inc.

Location: Milwaukee, WI Office

Expertise: Inner workings of successful grantseeking

Quote: ”I’m the guy who is long-in-tooth at MAI. Over the past 40 years, I’ve encountered nearly every grant situation you can think of and use that experience base to help you win grants.”

Contact: 414-352-9312, LMiner@MinerAndAssociates.com


Miner and Associates, Inc.

Jerry Griffith

Position: Principal, Miner and Associates, Inc. & Co-Owner of J&W Products

Location: Knoxville, TN Office

Expertise: Psychology and leadership strategies

Quote: ”My prior experiences as a licensed Clinical Psychologist readily transfer to designing and managing your proposals to ensure successful grantseeking.”

Contact: 865-458-8985, JGriffith@MinerAndAssociates.com