5th Edition of Proposal Planning and Writing Just Published

Very few grantseeking books make it to the stage of the fifth edition. That’s why we were very pleased when Greenwood Press asked use to update our longstanding Proposal Planning and Writing book.

Most publishers expect a 20-30% revision when going from one edition to the next. Readers of our 5th edition will find roughly a 75% change. Frankly, it took a lot of work because the field of grantseeking is so fluid.

New to this edition is a comprehensive chapter on sustainability, an expanded presentation of logic models and advanced writing tips.  Throughout the book you will find more examples and annotated examples. A new section called “Grant Gaffes” has been added, which contains common but flawed response often included in proposals. These negative examples highlight mistakes others have made, ones that you’ll want to avoid. We annotate key dimensions of the response in call-out bubbles, drawing attention to what went right, where the narrative veered off course, and what could be done to rescue the passage.

Other new proposal topics include the following:

  • international grantseeking opportunities
  • justifying the need for basic science research
  • coordinating budgets and proposal narratives
  • overcoming writer’s block
  • collaborative writing
  • a model for resubmission proposal

One additional enhancement: starter sentences.  A big challenge in writing any proposal section is overcoming inertia, getting started.  Once the first few sentences are written, then the rest of the section seems to flow more easily.  To help jump-start your grant writing, in each of the proposal writing chapters, we’ve included ten starter sentences to help speed up your writing process.

The book is available on Amazon or the publisher’s web site: http://www.abc-clio.com/product.aspx?isbn=9781440829697

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