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Miner and Associates leads you step-by-step through the process of planning and writing successful grant proposals.

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Do your needs outstrip available resources? Do you want help to find a grant? Maybe you need help writing a grant. Perhaps you seek a grant for non-profit organizations. Is research funding a priority? Whether it’s medical funding, science research, government grants or foundation grants, we can help. Since 1992 we have been a philanthropic resource to more than 200 organizations.

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Jeremy T. Miner has presented grantseeking workshops nationally and internationally to thousands of grant-getters. His successful grant writing techniques have generated millions of grant dollars for many nonprofit education, health care, and social service agencies.

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Through one-on-one counsel and group professional development trainings, we build your individual and institutional capacity to prepare persuasive proposals and secure extramural funding. 

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Get your share of grant funding available from government agencies and private foundations.

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Jeremy, thank you!  The session yesterday was amazingly informational – this will change how I look at my career going forward!

This training was highly interactive, which gave us the opportunity to tap into other experiences and make potential future connections for grant writing.

Very good speaker! That was the best definition of the difference between a goal and an objective that I ever heard!

Interested In Learning More?

Our books offer advanced writing tips highlighting technological tools that will help writers work smarter, not harder, to increase proposal persuasiveness. They share practical tips that have enabled the authors to write winning grants for four decades.