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  • Miner and Associates, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

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  • Miner and Associates, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

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  • Miner and Associates, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

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    Do your needs outstrip available resources? Do you want help to find a grant?  Maybe you need help writing a grant.  Perhaps you seek a grant for non profit organizations.  Is research funding a priority? Whether it’s medical funding, science research, government grants or foundation grants, we can help. Since 1992, we have been a philanthropic resource to 200 organizations.

    We offer a range of consulting services and conduct eight different grant workshops. You can learn grantseeking strategies in our three grant books or keep up-to-date with our free Grantseeker Tips Newsletter. Finally, you can open our toolbox and pick up some advice that you can use – right now.

    If you want to know more about us, some of our recent grant activities included the following.

    Grant Training

    1. Taught a group of physicians how to write competitive NIH grants
    2. Trained university students in how to get graduate school grants and fellowships
    3. Lectured via Skype to Nigerian information technology professionals seeking international grants
    4. Tutored humanities faculty members in successful grantseeking strategies
    5. Showed a local non profit organization how to successfully compete for national foundation grants

    Proposal Planning

    1. Coached a non profit organization on developing a community outreach program
    2. Identified Phase III Clinical Trial funding for a French Pharmaceutical firm.
    3. Created a proposal development strategy for a chemistry faculty member
    4. Coordinated a university/community partnership proposal involving 50 collaborators
    5. Integrated multiple isolated telemedicine serves into one cohesive rural healthcare proposal

    Proposal Writing

    1. Edited a penultimate draft of a NSF science research proposal
    2. Won a multi-million, multi-year grant to training future gerontology researchers
    3. Authored a statewide perinatal health grant
    4. Directed multiple housing and education service delivery grants for migrants
    5. Secured funding for a for-profit firm to bring a new product to market

    Grant Infrastructure Building

    1. Evaluated the effectiveness of a university’s sponsored research office
    2. Helped a major medical system establish an infrastructure for successful grantseeking
    3. Served as a reviewer of federal agency grants
    4. Developed a solicitation strategy for a national organization serving individuals with handicaps
    5. Published three “how to” books on successful grantseeking

    We do more than write grants; we provide a full range of professional grant services that cluster into grant training, proposal planning, proposal writing and grant infrastructure building services. Our long-term goal is to help you develop the essential skills for successful grantseeking.

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